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Welcome to the website of the electronic music group Positively Dark. You may download all of our music for FREE, and yes you may use it as background music for your youtube videos as long as you say the music is by Positively Dark and you include a link to this site

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Who is Positively Dark?

The techno music of Positively Dark is composed by Peter Geisheker. Several of the guitar parts are played by Dino Pacifici.

Yes, you can download all of Positively Dark’s music for FREE

You can download all of Positively Dark’s music for free for your personal enjoyment and to give to friends and family. However, you cannot sell the music of Positively Dark.

Yes, you can use Positively Dark’s music for your Youtube videos

You can use the music of Positively Dark for your youtube videos as long as you say the music is by Positively Dark and include a link to

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          • When I make my documentary on the Hindu Kush your music will be my first preference! (btw we met on myspace many years ago – I believe we share the same birth date. I had downloaded some of your tracks way back then and played that music everyday for months on end. CD got packed away in a box when moving and only recently found it again much to my great joy & jubilation! it has come back into my life as a soothing balm to the soul after what has been a time of crisis/tipping point for me) Thank you again for creating such magnificent music and making it freely available for the many to immerse themselves in its magic. I see many films being made spectacular by your music!

    • Hi Chris, I do not know why they are doing that when I clearly give permission for people to use my music for their youtube videos. Is there anything special they are asking for so you can prove you have permission to use my music?



      • Hi Peter
        No, there was no notification that it had even been flagged, I just happened to watch the video myself and noticed. I think YouTube is undergoing some changes with their content matching system and there have been other reports of people having things pulled that they 100% made themselves :)
        No matter, I’ll try asking them about it sometime in the future.

      • Do you have any Creative commons license that we can use on our Youtube videos? I have some videos with your music on them and I know its a matter of time before they ask me to give them the info about your website,songs and the link to the creative commons license in case my videos get flagged with third copyright notices etc. Please let me know as soon as possible.
        Do you create these songs yourself? Because with the new youtube laws in 2014 they don’t allow any copyrighted music at all they are really cracking down on that stuff since they got sued by so many companies they got tired of it so they are busting everyone’s yt channel that has used music from sites like yours and others.

        thanks in advance


  1. I wrote to you some 10+ years ago when working on a project – I offered you a website storage space for your music at that time.
    Since than, I am still hosting the files (
    I stumbled upon the files by accident (totally forgot about them), started listening and searched for you. Now I see you made a new album.
    Would you like me to add that one online, too?

    • Hi Robert, good to hear from you. I now have unlimited bandwidth so I do not need my songs hosted. But, thank you very much for your generous offer!


  2. Mr. Geisheker..My friend and I are just budding musicians..We have not hit the mark yet..We just need a permission from you…Your Track called as Pulse is very amazing and awesome..I just have one question.Can we guys use your track and add lyrics in it?? Will you give us permission on that???

    • Yes, you have my permission to use my song Pulse and add lyrics to it. Have fun and let me know when you are done so I can hear it.

      Good luck with your project!

      Peter Geisheker / Positively Dark

      • sir…can we use your song “goodnight” and add in our own lyrics and publish it as a new track? your pulse track failed…i just lost my love..she left me without a purpose..even though she said she loves me…i wish to use your song as a track to help people fight breakup pain..

  3. It was back in Highschool in 2006 or so when I first had the luck to stumble across your old site when looking for free techno music. Since then my collection has gone from disc to digital, back to disk, then to digital again with a lot of things missing. I had the chance thought today to wonder if I could find “that one guy who did The Runner”.

    I was overjoyed to see a new site and the same beautiful music still there and now back in my collection.

  4. Man, your music…ahh. Your tracks Equinox and The Runner – my pmp staples. Love them. I want to make a short film of some sort if just to use your music!

    Keep rocking.

  5. Landed on your site on a friend’s recommendation. I really enjoyed your tracks. You are doing a great job man, keep up the good work, keep it flowing :)

  6. Hi :-)
    Really grateful: after digging in piles of electro something, found this site… Amazing! Fresh! You are incredible :-) It s ideal for any kind of movies! With mentioning author, surely :-)THANK YOU, in short.

  7. I would like to work with some of your music and adapt it (adding rhythm breaks, etc into the music) to use in for a tap dance in a show I’m working on in Germany. Would that be possible under your current conditions for fair use? Thanks much, great music! Bob e T

      • Thanks Peter, that’s fantastic. I just donated $10 towards your new computer, and if I use your music for some tap dance pieces I will donate more for each piece I use… it’s only fair 😉 You guys make great music and are very generous artists, as well. Thanks again!

  8. Love your stuff! I was looking for something dark but also sort of ambient. Boy did I find the right stuff! Your awesome.

    • Thank you William! Please help spread the word and click on the social sharing buttons on the left hand side of the page.

      Peter / Positively Dark